Phenomenal Women

Group Work


Now, who do you say you are?

Following Domestic Abuse, it is often underestimated how deeply the personal self image of a survivor can be affected. The invalidating and belittling behaviours that have been used by their abuser often result in low self-esteem. There is strong evidence that positive self esteem is a key factor in the promotion of healing, which enables the survivor to move on and see themselves in a positive and empowered light.


Our 8 week group therapy course addresses the psychological impact of the trauma experienced in an abusive relationship, with a intimate cohort of survivors who all share a similar background. It is a safe space to begin to explore the damage that has been done and to give women the tools to begin to rebuild their lives with a renewed sense of self image.
This course gives survivors an empowered voice to decide who they say they are and not to internalise to the negative narrative perpetuated by their abuser.


Who’s it for? Women who have experienced or have been impacted by domestic abuse.

Delivery method: This group is carried out face-to-face.

Length: One session a week for 8 weeks (1 hour)

Phenomenally Empowered Women 

A follow up group, creating a community of survivors who can build on and further expand a new positive and empowered self image. 


Who’s it for? Women who have previously completed the “Now who do you say you are?” course.

Length: Various activities and events throughout the year. 

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